Ditch Terms of Use

Last Updated: 19 October 2023

By registering with Ditch, you acknowledge you have read and agree with these terms. We may change these Terms of Use from time to time to respond to changes in the law, or to meet other business requirements. Registered users will be notified of any changes in advance.

What is Ditch?

The Ditch mobile and web application (“Ditch”) is an aid to marine navigation. While we endeavor to put your safety first, charts and other data sources may occasionally be unvailable due to circumstances beyond our control. We do our best to test Ditch on as many devices and operating systems as is practical, but we cannot guarantee that our service will work on any specific device. If you do encounter problems, please let us know.

Do not rely solely on Ditch

While Ditch souces nautical charts and historic route data from the most reliable sources we can find, we are not a substitute for official charts or general knowledge. You must follow local rules regarding charts and other equipment requirements, and be aware of the limitations of GPS geolocation. Ditch accepts no liability for direct, indirect or consequential losses, loss or damage or harm caused by or done to your vessel while you use Ditch.

Ditch route guidance does not take in to consideration any wind, weather, tide, local hazzards or marine traffic. As such it is always the captain’s responsibility to ensure the safe operation of a vessel at all times. The user assumes the entire risk related to the use of Ditch and its data.

While all our route recommendations are provided “as-is” without warranty of any kind, we welcome your feedback — positive, negative or neutral — and will use it to make the product better going forward.


Ditch is offered to users as an annual subscription, with a generous free tier designed to give users the opportunity to test Ditch in real-world conditions before they commit to a purchase. Should we need to change the amount or structure of our charges, subscribers will be notified in advance.

Your personal information

There are a variety of ways to register in Ditch, including use of federated identity providers such as Google and Facebook. Please note that regardless of how you register, we will never ask for your password for any reason – including if we are offering support. The way we handle your personal information, including GPS tracking data incidentally provided by you in the course of using Ditch, is governed by our privacy policy which you should also review. The privacy policy also contains information regarding our use of data from third parties.

Other important matters

Please don’t remove or obscure any copyright or trademark notices from the service, or copy, sell, trade or resell any of the data we provide to you.

To the extent that the data includes information provided by or subject to the rights of any third parties, such third-party providers do not guarantee and shall not be resposible for the content, accuracy, timeliness, non-infringement, or completeness of the data or have any liability resulting from the use of the data.

We reserve the right to suspend your account and remove any content without further notice if we deem it to be unlawful and/or in violation of this agreement. Or for any other reason at any time. Though, really, that’s the last thing we ever want to do. Similarly, you have the right to cancel your subscription at any time. This will take effect at the end of your current payment cycle. If you signed up via the Apple app store or Google Play, your termination rights will be governed by their store policies.

As user behaviors and governing laws change, we will update our terms of service accordingly, and notice will be provided to subscribers. Continued usage of Ditch will constitute acceptance of the new terms

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